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About Me

Hey there!
I am Abuzar Shahab Qureshi, you can call me Abuzar.

This is my personal blog where I keep sharing my learnings, knowledge and insights about blogging and digital marketing.

I am a digital marketer by passion and profession. I have been into digital marketing field for quite some time now. I have helped many businesses grow through my digital marketing services in this period. I believe digital marketing is a very powerful tool to grow your business in the world of mobile and internet today. I help people grow their businesses through digital marketing. I believe digital marketing can give you 10x ROI in your business than traditional marketing methods, if invested in the right place and time.

My Expertise

As you might already know that digital marketing is a very vast subject. And it has so many topics within it, that It is impossible for an individual to master all these different topics of digital marketing and attain the expertise in all at a time.

Well, if you ask about my area of expertise in digital marketing. I would gladly tell you that SEO and Facebook ads are something that I really enjoy a lot. And Google Ads, and video editing are a few others that I have hands-on experience on. 

Although, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), in itself is a very diverse and vast domain of digital marketing. It carries so many different things to deal with and work on. Right from understanding the audience persona to analysing the competition, to keyword research and onpage and off-page optimization. There is a lot.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a new way of marketing. We do marketing to promote our products and services. Marketing involves a number of activities. Digital Marketing is just the same marketing with the same purpose but it is done digitally. When we do marketing on the internet and other digital platforms, it is called digital marketing.

For example, when we send promotion emails to our prospective clients that is digital marketing. When we create and post a reel of our product on Instagram that is digital marketing. When we run a Facebook and Google ads to promote our services or products then this is digital marketing. You got the idea! Right?

Read more on what is digital marketing here.

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